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Weather forecast generator
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Weather forecast generatorThis project is a weather report generator. It renders a video with forecast and temperature on a daily basis using Remotion. It also create a post in the Instagram account with still images displaying weather and temperature informations on maps.

About this project

This project is my first experiment with Remotion. I initially wanted to create a weather report video that imitates the ones we can see on the TV.I had in mind to propose this project to the YouTube channel HugoDécrypte - Actus du jour but they didn't wanted to use it as they tries to keep their videos not too long.So I decided to create an Instagram account instead. @HelloMeteo
The bright side of the story is that this project allowed me to have a one to one chat with Hugo the creator of the channel. And I worked with them on an other project for their sport Instagram account.

Tech stack

Api: OpenWeather, OpenAI, Narakeet (tts)Platform: Github actionsVideo generation: Remotion


Marine Cacciaguerra